I would like to share with all of you, six months back I had very bad acne marks, but I am very thankful to Dr. Seema. They are reduced upto 90%. It is such a great experience for me, and all credit goes to Dr. Seema Clinic and specially Dr. Seema.
I had undergone with a treatment for my pigmented skin in Dr. Seema Clinic and I am very glad to share that it was really a wonderful and fantastic experience that I had come across. My pigmentation was persisting since a long time and after being to so many skin clinics spending money and time with no results I found Dr. Seema Clinic where my skin got almost cleared adding glow to it also with a "one time peel ". Though the treatment is costly but the results are for sure fruitful. I am thankful to Dr. Seema Clinic and above all Dr. Seema for giving me such a fantastic treatment in less time with effective results. Thus, it`s a costly treatment, but then at the end of the day I feel that it was worth for sure.
Excellent!! Dr.Seema is very friendly & his concepts are very clear. Her advice was very fruitful to me and ambience of clinic is unmatchable, looks like a posh lobby. Best in Ahmedabad. Staff is also very supportive and aware. All marks to Dr. Seema Clinic and doctor final words `the best`!!
Dr. Seema is one of today’s finest cosmetic dermatologists. Her consummate professional knowledge and expertise is constantly sought by both leading organizations and publications. Having been in the profession for over 10 years I have had occasion to visit many offices and experience several contemporary cosmetic procedures, both first hand and as an observer. Dr. Seema is always at the top of her game, her care and dedication to ensuring the best results from the most advanced and safe products is always at the forefront of his patient doctor relationship. Dr. Seema and his trained staff ensure a comfortable and positive and friendly experience for each and every patient who visits.